True, Fluffy Love

A little over a year ago, I met a man. He was shy at first but not stand-offish. He was beautiful and different, and a little anxious. At first, he was self conscious and had a skin condition. So I helped him out with that, made him feel more comfortable…and the second he started opening up to me, I was his forever. His name was Sobe, and he was a gorgeous, black domestic longhair. Funny, we only had a year together, and I have so many memories, so many favorite things. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Sobe meowed when he went to the bathroom. It was ADORABLE.
  • I loved his low, chest rattling purrs when I was cuddling him. 
  • While the other 2 cats would crawl up on anyone’s lap, if I was around, Sobe was mine. He followed me around from room to room, sheepishly looking at me, and stealing my heart every time. 
  • He would lay on the rug in the kitchen while I was washing dishes or baking. He was like a puppy to me. 
  • On Fridays and Saturdays, I started the tradition of giving him a weekend treat of soft food, usually fish. He always knew what day it was. I even trained him when I was preparing his treat to meow for it before I put it down. One of my favorite moments was when he was so hungry that he scarfed down the soft food and then came over to me, soft food covering his cute little nose. 
  • He used to paw my leg every time I was sitting down. It was so endearing. 
  • Sobe loved plastic. He LOVED chewing through it. I had to lock it up everywhere because he could so easily sniff it out. 
  • His favorite toy was a cardboard box. I even had one in the kitchen so he could sit in it while watching me cook. Later, I moved it to the top of the stairs so that he could sit in it while watching me clean the litter box. It was his roost. 
  • He always was the first to inspect the litter box once I was done cleaning. Every time he heard me sifting the litter, he would come running.
  • He was always at the door waiting for me when I came home from work, even if it was late. I loved that.
  • No matter where I was sleeping, he would always lie just under my feet, as my wonderfully loyal protector. 
  • I loved watching him and Buffett curl up together in one big clump at night. They chased eachother, licked each other, cuddled each other, loved one another. They even meowed in harmony while in the car on the way to the vet.
  • He had the softest, most endearing mew. I could listen to that all day long.
  • I loved how good he was at hiding from me. Some days, I would lose him for hours and then find him in a hamper by seeing his gorgeous yellow eyes blinking up at me.
  • Whenever I was sad or lonely, Sobe was the first to sit with me, first to put him paws on me, first to wrap himself around my limbs.
  • I loved the way his fur felt when I rubbed his head. Before he died, I was able to hold him and cuddle him. Even when he was drugged up, being prepared to pass on, he nuzzled up to my hand when I reached out for him, like only he would. In that one action, he broke my heart. I absolutely loved the way his fur felt on my fingertips, especially as he gave me love by nuzzling his neck up to my hand. 


 Oh, Sobe, I will miss caring for you and loving you. I will miss your timid curiosity. I will miss looking from the living room into the kitchen, only to see you drinking from the faucet or sniffing around the counter. I will miss your paws on my door, looking for me. I will miss cleaning up your hairballs and brushing out your gorgeous hair, and rubbing your grey belly. I will miss your kisses. I will miss loving you and loving you and loving you. You were the best man in my life. So sensitive, so caring, so gorgeous, so fantastic. 


How could you ever be replaced? Well, I guess you won’t…not in my heart, or in Buffett’s, or in Pinchy’s. I have learned much from your life and from your sudden and untimely death. I will always check out a heart murmur. I will always play with the cats. I will always pay for labs. I will never go to Banfield or VCA. I will always know the difference between a hairball and a heart attack. I will NEVER underestimate my love for a small being full of love like you. Of all the things that have happened to me this year, losing your kind little heart in my arms melted all of me, broke down my barriers, and allowed me to know and accept love AND grief. Thank you for coming into my life, even if only for a short time. You have changed my life and heart forever. 

I love you, my little angel kitty, my Sobe, my Sobester, my Fluffy Bunny, my Flopsy, my Sobie Bobie, my darling, my boyfriend.

Love and rememberence,

Mom, Buffett
& Pinchy


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