A Promised Poem

To my forever friend, ADW, on her (almost) birthday.

I Celebrate You

Years ago, I locked you away

Your heart in my heart so it’d stay

I burned your pictures

Your memory I wouldn’t share

But in the end, to the world

that wasn’t fair.

I kept you to for myself

Our secret moments

I etched you into my mind and body,

the way I needed to remember you,

And desecrated the rest.

Now I’m here to share you,

to revive you.

Beautiful girl, in my heart you’ll stay

I’ll carry you in my inside me

though you’ve passed away

I’ll talk of your eyes behind glasses so cute,

And how your full lips pouted perfectly

when you were afraid of the truth.

Your pain was my pain,

Though a true warrior you are

Never went down without a fight,

and you never ran far.

I miss holding your hand

and the smell of your skin,

how you giggled and teased

when we were flirting with men.

Most of all, I am grateful, for the truths

for the vulnerability we shared,

For teaching me to dare greatly

because, no matter what, you cared.

I wish I could have saved you

and prolonged your life,

But now I must go on, living mine.

I could never let you go,

unconditional love always lasts,

and bringing you into my future

Can unshackle both of us

and honor a beautiful past.

ADW, 2/8/1984-9/17/1998. I’ll Never Let You Go.

Happy Birthday.




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