Chapter 5: Enough. (almost)

Chapter 4 was the best chapter so far. Chapter 4 was the truest love I have ever felt, for someone else AND for myself. On September 24, 2013, the love of my life, my favorite companion so far, discussed with me about moving in. On September 30, 2013, he started doing just that. It was magical, and I don’t regret a day of being with him and sharing a life with him. He watched me struggle with anxiety in a way no one else has. Yet he continued to accept me for just who I am. Because I was able to feel so secure and safe, I started diving into all the issues I had run from. I stopped running from the problems! I started letting loose. I started taking risks. I started having fun! And honestly, it didn’t matter what we did. I had a companion by my side, and I felt better than ever.

I know you notice how I am using past tense and how I advanced a chapter. But don’t worry. Despite the fact that this love story ended, it ended as beautifully and abruptly as it began. Maybe it hasn’t ended? I’m not sure, and at this point, I am not worried. Hey, maybe the best really hasn’t happened yet? HOWEVER, if that wasn’t the best, I don’t know how anything in life could top it.

For now, I am happy being me. A career woman. An executive. A badass bitch. Feminine. Abrupt. Enough.