Father’s Day

Fathers’ Day can be so painful for many. I am grateful that despite the loss and pain, I had a grandfather who could teach me the beautiful lesson that loving a child has nothing to do with biology. That being a father has nothing to do with genes. And then, I was fortunate enough to be loved by the man who loves my mother.

I’m even more grateful for the men raising my nieces and nephews, to the fatherly heroes my brothers and cousins have shown themselves to be, for my friends who are such present fathers and stepfathers, for the father who raised the man I love into an amazing human, and especially for the men who have loved me like their own.

To me, every anniversary between my mom and stepdad is (my) father’s day. Cheers to the man who never had to love me but did, and to the man who loves my mother more every single day. Who taught me math, who encouraged me to love baseball and hockey, who came to my games and PTA meetings, who drew tough boundaries, who embarrassed me the way only dads can, who stood by me even when my mom couldn’t. Who stood by me when no one else did. I have never been able to show my gratitude for you, but today I want to share it with the world. I cannot wait to find a man worthy of you walking me down the aisle to greet. I look forward to the day that I get to see you be a grandfather, to dance with you at my wedding, to have more adventures with you. I don’t think I could love you more than in this moment, where I have woken up for the first time to how absolutely fantastic you have been my entire life.

Thanks for loving my mother, and thank you so much for loving me. I could never thank you enough for being the man you didn’t have to be. I look forward to living closer to you. I am hopeful that one day I will get to meet a man who loves me like you love my mom, for all my imperfections.


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