Ugly fruit

Yesterday, I received my first CSA box from a local group who go to small farm shares and resell those imperfect produce items that farms usually can’t sell to grocery stores or at the market. It’s a local operation, trying to reduce waste by helping people look beneath the surface.

What a metaphor for life. Here we all are, in this life, some of us with a set of experiences more attractive than others. Here we are, spiritual beings, in a bag of bones, just trying to navigate the human experience. 

I remember being a young girl, looking for the secret to have a quick fix from the grief I felt. It was crippling at the time. I stumbled upon a book by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, a book that now I quote from like the bible, because it’s the backbone of my field:

Struggle leaves scars. But, in return for the the aching is  raw reality of life. Is an appreciation for… The light that streams in to wake one in the early morning, the hair on my clothes reminding me that my cat is waiting at home, the ability to lock my door behind me, the ability to pay a bill on time, the ability to sit, to hold hands, to feel real emotions. The cracks are where the light gets in. The small are mighty. 

Don’t underestimate the ugly fruit. It just might taste the sweetest. At least mine did.


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