There’s nothing better,

Nothing brighter,

Nothing more beautiful,

Than watching that smile

Creep across your face.

The way it spreads so evenly

From your lips parting slightly

To the curling of the ends,


Even if it’s not for me.
There’s nothing better,

Nothing more like home

Than the radiance,

Shining through your eyes,

Relaxing your shoulders down your back.

Even if not toward me

I feel the sun from your rays.
You were once mine

And right now,

It matters little.

Just knowing you were once mine

Tells me I’m worthy.

For a time I held the moon!

I was enveloped by your radiance.

I was caught by your gravity;

I could let go and just…

And still

I feel your warm rays on my skin

Like the first day you pulled me in

Swirling in your orbit

Bathed in your radiance,

My cells exploding,

My chemistry changed.


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