Tried & True

A humble legend

Towering above a quiet town

Uniting through charity

Strong, rooted, stoic 

Calm and collected

Tried and true.

A wayward child, scared,

Wide-eyed unearthing skeletons,

The legend places a calming hand,

An alternative to the brutal reality,

The chaos so apparent in the foreground.

Not just through the stillness,

The legend, while tiring,

Reaches to the sky to harness the sun,

Sprinkling laughter and kindness

Upon the town, easing anxiety,

Sowing community, 

deeply rooted in love.

In moments of chaos,

Of hollowed sorrows and fragility,

With an immovable force,

Recalling gratitude and inspiration,

Growing taller,

The legend rises above the town,

Motivating the community to remember:

Remember their own roots.

Remember the future.

Remember the past.


The legend lives on inside us all.
(In memory of Barney)



My breath still tightens when I pass through security.

The original landmarks no longer there,

But the sentiment stays the same.

That children’s playground where I regained my innocence,

The layover where I felt your heart race too,

Running for a flight I no longer wanted to take,

The last time I did not know your last name,

The last time I could believe everything is random.

Comings, goings, boarding, waiting.

Always only just longing for homecoming.


(HA, T^2)