I attend services at an Episcopalian church that has also acted as a non-denominational sanctuary for the people in my city. Its history is rich, and it is deeply rooted in teaching is congregants about social justice issues. Our dean, for the second time since I’ve been attending, asked during a sermon, “Listen. Do you hear what God is saying to you?” Today, he added, “What does God want you to feel today?”

Immediately after this question, I felt a surge of spirit. I knew I was in the right place, at the right time. As I was walking home, it made me reflect on how little we listen to our inner voice. To our spirit guides. Our ancestors. Those we’ve lost.

All too often we get in the way of truly listening to the world around us. This year, I want to dedicate more time to listening. To listening and even following the guidance I hear. I want to feel the spirit well inside of me outside of the walls of that church. I want to trust that voice more often and let it trust me. I want to resonate with love. With spirit. With a vibrancy that resonates.

Listen. Do you hear what The Universe is saying to you? Listen. What does The Universe want you to feel?


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