Acute insomnia


And distracted

So full of lightness and love

Just knowing

I saw your face today,

Looking back at me,

So close I could touch you

And hold your arm

Or put my arms around you

Just knowing

I could experience you

In my orbit

You’re here.

I’m like a child on Christmas Eve,

Starry eyed

Sugar plums dancing

Dreams of traveling

And adventuring

And exploring

And dating with you

Dancing in my head.

I can’t believe it’s been so long,


And you still make me skip a beat.

When your wings grow tired

I hope you settle in my nest.

Love of my life,

My little bird.


A Thousand Faces

For months

I waited.


For breathy whispers

In quiet moments

Three words,

Committing yourself to me,

To us.

They never came.

I nearly overlooked

the moments

Where acts of kindness

Of vulnerability

Replaced those words,

Giving in,

Moment by moment

Until we began to trust

The routine

Of our life together,


Slowly sharing more,

Introducing friends,

Making time,

Only making quality time.

Making the time quality.

Learning to touch.

Learning to talk.

Learning to lean.

Learning to laugh.

Loving every moment.

Loving difficult moments.

Loving awkward moments.


Slowly, loving.

Until one day

Becomes every day

Becomes always.


Always, becoming.

Two Sides.

I love the way you hold me,

Handling me like I’m fragile

I love the way your fingers

Press against my skin,

With intention.

The way you watch me

from the distance;

You love being around me.

I’m filled with contentment.

It’s simple. Kind. Sweet.

You don’t lead with the sex

But you’re sexy.

I love your smile,

Your ease,

Your stubborn rigidity,

Keeping you from that

Very. Last. Inch.

I love your eyes on me

And your full-body hugs.

Your timidity,

Your candor.

No ego, or bravado.

And yet,

Your walking contradictions–

You’re rigid but

Sing hip hop online,

Globe trotting but

You never leave your hometown,

Cultured but

At times, small-minded,

A square but

Always playing the philanderer,

With a heart full of gold

And body full of swagger.

I’d have it no other way

Except always.

Little Bird

I love the way

Your eyes wrinkle

With delight

When you are looking at me.

I love how calm

It always seems you are

When we meet in silence.

Is it that easy,

When we strip away

All the expectations?

I love all the ways

You make me laugh

How you tell stories

That sometimes make

little sense,

And I never care to know why.

Sometimes, even,

I admire your open hesitation

To giving in to

What you know

Your heart desires.

What courage must it take

To resist what you want,

In return

for safety.

Pay no mind,

Little bird,

I’ll be here

When you feel sure enough

To approach my embrace,

To be your friend,

To mind after your heart.

If only to see

You break into a smile

One last time.


I’m watching you,

Here in my arms

Your breath, faint,

On my skin.

Your skin,

Thin and tender,

Cooler still,

Despite attempts

To keep you warm.

You look at me,

Between this world and the next,

Your soul

Lingering in the air

Above the home

That is now your body,

It fights to stay

But knows

It must leave.

My gentle friend,

I’ll keep you close

Warm you still

Until the breath

That becomes your last.


We used to drink

Out of little red cups,

Eating warm cookies,

Our feet not quite

Touching the floor.

Your spontaneous laugh,


Echoed through the house

Warm from Grandma’s oven.

You found me once,

Sitting in a grassy corner

Of the yard where we’d play

And you reminded me

We’re family.

We’d summer in Oregon,

Lie on our backs

After days on the lake,

Looking at the stars.

Telling stories,

Sharing secrets,

Acknowledging the demons

Trapped inside us both.

Getting stronger as we aged,

We hoped for more.

After I nearly

Let the darkness consume me,

When no one else

Stood by my side,

You’d pick me up,

Linking my arm with yours,

Force me to laugh, to scream

To dance, to bowl

And you reminded me,

We’re friends.

We spent winter nights

Spinning records,

Watching movies

You taught me to drive,

To dirt bike in the desert,

To laugh, to live with abandon.

In the moment,

For the moments.

At my sister’s funeral,

I fell apart

You never left my side,

Holding my hand,

Whispering memories

Of better times,

Sneaking me coffee,


Times to come,

And you reminded me,

You’re always there.

We laughed,

We played,

We cried,

We danced.

Every childhood memory,

Every Christmas party,

Every family photo,

Every Oregon summer

Brought us closer.

When the darkness came,

When the war waged,

When the family fell away,

You reached out your hand.

Why didn’t you ask for mine

When night came for you?

Now all we have

Are memories,


Imprinted in pixels

Reflections of the past.

And in your children,

Your blood,

A hope for the future

You once helped me see.

Always family,

Always friends,

You live on in me

If only,

In the moments.